The Significant Benefits of No-Dig Technology

The sewer pipe that runs from your house, under the yard to the main underground sewer under the street is known as a "house sewer."  In North America, homeowners in almost all cities and towns are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of their house sewers. This means that if these underground pipes are clogged or broken, the homeowner bears the responsibility and financial burden of repairing them.

As a house ages, it is not unusual for the house sewer to become cracked and clogged.  Often they succumb to the infiltration of tree roots that sense the water inside and break through the pipe. In the past, replacing or repairing pipes meant digging them up manually and replacing them, a process that is expensive as well as destructive of lawns, sidewalks, and a homeowner's property.

No-Dig technology has overcome many of the problems of old digging technology, bringing a host of benefits that make pipe replacement and repair much simpler.